How Effective Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

How Effective Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?


manual lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage that uses a gentle manual technique and slow stroking motions to stimulate the lymph system. It can be applied on swollen areas and any body part that needs to drain fluid. The technique is best performed with a trained professional. Using slow, circular strokes, the massager will stimulate the lymphatic vessels to carry away fluid. It is especially useful for treating lymphedema, characterized by fluid buildup in the legs and arms.

Evidence of the effectiveness of manual lymphatic drainage:

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a treatment for lymphedema that has proven effective in many studies. It has been found to significantly reduce lymphedema and improve general health and the quality of life of lymphedema patients. 

The technique may help improve symptoms of lymphedema in women, especially those with breast cancer. This condition causes swelling in the breast tissue, and treatment may include compression stockings or bandages. In more severe cases, the condition may require a mastectomy, which involves the removal of breast tissue. Manual lymphatic drainage is often a good complement to other treatments for lymphedema.

Safeness of this form of massage for some people:

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique that helps relieve pain and inflammation. It increases lymphatic flow and improves metabolic function in the body. People who have undergone surgeries or have had trauma to the body can benefit from this technique. 

Manual lymphatic drainage massage uses pressure points on the lymphatic system. Lymph fluid circulates throughout the body, moving into larger vessels called collectors. These vessels are 100-600 microns in diameter and contain one-way valves every six to 20 millimeters. The pressure applied to the skin is not painful but can cause a bruise or skin rash.

Effects of manual lymphatic drainage on pain after cancer surgery:

Manual lymphatic drainage can help relieve pain and reduce stress after cancer surgery. It has been shown to improve pain and cancer patients’ global quality of life. It can also reduce fatigue. This technique can help prevent cancer recurrence and is an excellent method for patients recovering from cancer.